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October of 2019 I received the new studio tool the Glow Forge laser cutter.  2020 was the year of the laser for me.  I spent the covid pandemic learning how to create items with the Glow Forge laser machine.  I made many items for our home as well as for others.  The commissions flowed and kept me sane during the pandemic.

I purchased the machine as a tool to expand my art creations, however it quickly became a small business.  Now that I have learned how to use the machine to make all types of crafty items: ornaments, boxes, frames, LED light creations, home decor and artsy items it is time to focus on creating art.  This will involve using all the tools in my studio since mixed media is my favorite type of art of creation.

Periodically I will create something for the craft side and all those creations will be uploaded to the VRC Store which has a tab at the top of the site.  Come back often to see all the paintings, mixed media and creations as my love of all things art thrives, explores and learns ever more.


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This entry was posted on November 22, 2021 by in Art.

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