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Pandemic, FEAR and Moving Forward

I have had such a feeling of doom and gloom since this Pandemic began. I visited Florida in February of this year and both the return flights were brimming with coughing sneezing passengers.  I said a silent prayer we wouldn’t get sick.  Hubbie, grand daughter and myself but even more so me with my low immune system from rheumatoid arthritis.   Two days later after being back home there was a tickle in my throat, a fever, pains and a cough.  Pains aren’t unusual for me especially after a trip.  Yes, I know all the symptoms of Covid-19.  My doctor prescribed a 7 day dose of meds and a strong cough medicine believing it was the typical flu bug for me yet again.  Not really thinking of Covid-19, I did as we always do, quarantined myself upstairs and the family attended to me with masks and lots of handwashing.  Again, that is our norm anyway.  Now in retrospect and the lingering light cough I still have I think I just may have had Covid-19.

Pandemic – There’s a FEAR that sets in at times that I haven’t felt before.  I get up, and climb the stairs to the studio every day, turn on music and begin creating, designing, painting, cutting, staining,  anything to keep my mind busy.

Moving forward I needed to have some way to help all the diligent health care workers and although I know how to sew I knew I wouldn’t be able to make masks.  So, thankfully one of the folks in my laser group shared a pattern to create “S” hooks to attach to the medical masks.  Many of the health care workers have bruises from the long hours of the elastic cutting into their ears.  The “s” hook would allow for the mask to remain on their faces but not cut into their ears.  I am so excited to be able to help in some way.   I have sent the hooks to Philadelphia hospitals along with the masks a friend made and others will go out into my community.  I can’t adequately explain what I am feeling other than thankful I could help in a small way.

Granddaughter modeling the “S” hook.


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Lasering World

Laser Printing

I don’t know why it’s referred to as printing when the machine cuts, engraves and scores.  Regardless, I love this machine!  I can bring my visions to life in 3D full affect!  I purchased the Glow Forge and have been eating, breathing, sleeping the machine and Inkscape software for months.  Since October of last year I have been practicing and studying.  Now I am ready to really begin creating new works of art while also creating items for the public.

You can see the creations under the VRC Creations by VR Coleman tab!


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“Faces Of Life” Similitudes- Pt. 1

I finally completed many paintings to display in my upcoming exhibit entitled, “Faces of Life.” – Pt. 1.  I began sketching faces of people I admired or had a connection to last year. While creating I didn’t realize at that time they would be placed on display but as I began drawing out the faces on various size canvases and subsequently painting them, people continually asked if they would be exhibited. So the decision was made to do just that. The paintings are created with water colors, metallic and color acrylics. Some of the creations have a dimensional line to give a faux stained glass impact.  The canvas sizes range from 12″x12″ to 24″ x 38″.

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The paintings are my “similitudes” which are the quality or state of being similar to something.  My paintings capture the person and are not meant to depict realism.  This first exhibit represents people of color in many shades and diverse backgrounds. The people represented in Part One are the following: Retirees, Quilter, Baker, Artists, Makeup Artist, Retired Colonel, Engineers, Kids and a Social Activist.

Faces are magnificent! They are magnetic, beautiful & diverse.  The expressions can exude magnetism, be alluring or hypnotic.  This collection of people was not chosen simply because of their facial features.  The “similitudes” I have created are of people whose inner spirit touches me with their love, joy of life, spunk, tenacity, guidance, friendship, support and inspiration! This is Phase One with Phase Two being exhibited in 2020.

Hope you enjoy the work!  The first exhibit will be held at Art Works Studio, Richmond,Virginia, in the Skylight Studio with the opening reception on Friday, October 25, 2019 and the exhibit will be on display until Saturday, November 16, 2019.

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Black Pride RVA

I was invited to be a vendor at the 2nd Annual Black Pride RVA. The event was held as a:

Day of Purpose – Education & Entertainment

Day of Purpose! A day of learning and fun. Vendors, food & entertainment all day!

Educate yourself on Finances, Health, and more.  Entertainment from a variety of acts will be there to make you proud with good music and meet the new Ms. Black Pride RVA!  Side by Side is our youth pride activities sponsor.  Youth will have their own DJ, activities and fun just for youth up to 20.  This is a family friendly event so bring everyone with you. 


This was a marvelous event! Granddaughter Natalie attended with me and was my magnificent sales lady!  We both enjoyed meeting all the vendors and the beautiful people of the LGBTQ community.

Natalie took the following photos.

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RNM Creations

Here are photos of me as I create the new works to be displayed for sale beginning at the Richmond Night Market.  This will be the first time I have set up as a outdoors vendor.  The RNM was a magnificent cultural event! Held in Richmond, Virginia every 2nd Saturday.

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Our Princesses


A couple of years ago while we celebrated my Mothers birthday at the local Veterans Hall, I snapped a photo of three of our princesses – my two grand nieces and my granddaughter.  I decided this year to paint my version of that photo.

The sketch was drawn on the canvas where it sat for maybe 6 months or more.  My RA flaring and a bout of flu (despite having the shot) stopped me from much.  Once I felt better I was not sure which art medium direction  I wanted to use on this piece. Finally, decided to begin with water color pencils. 

Once the water coloring was completed, the result wasn’t satisfying to me, so out came the blendable water based ink pens.  Wella! I LOVED the ink atop the color pencils, it blended so very nicely.  Somewhere along the line I made the decision to change the look of the flag instead of  literal but more whimsical and added-stitching, I know the stitching idea came from my quilting friends & family.

Next the medium for the flag acrylics, I decided to go with a visual of hopes and dreams….floating & swirling for our Princesses.  I am not finished this piece.  It still needs a touch or two more but I don’t know what yet.  So until I do it will be placed prominently in my studio until that, “Wella!” Moment occurs.👩🏽‍🎨🎨😉

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