Virginia R. Coleman

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“Southern Awakenings”

Liberated Flow Gala 3rd Annual 2021 – Art with a purpose My entry, “Southern Awakenings”

I was honored to again be accepted into Liberated Flow Gala for a second time.  This year the Liberated Flow’s 3rd Annual Charity Art Gala benefitted the Black History Museum & Cultural Center of Virginia (BHMVA). The Museum’s mission is to preserve stories that inspire! Liberated Flow is honored to curate an exhibition to bring awareness to the history of African Americans through art.  2021 Charity Art Gala | liberatedflow

The theme for this  years exhibit was looking back to the past, present and future of Virginia.  This gave me the idea to create my mixed media piece “Southern Awakenings” to reflect the past, present and future in the draped clothing of my man and woman, the rich colors of our past, present and the future.  The background colors from dreary dark skies to a beautiful blue skies ahead.

Here I have included my process from beginning to the completed piece that was SOLD.

“Southern Awakenings”

Hanging in the Black History Museum | Celebrates the rich of culture of African Americans before being sold.  I was also so proud to be wearing this beautiful coat of many colors.  My friend Georgette Bailey only created two of these coats! One for herself and this one for me.  It was crafted by sewing together many different Ankara fabrics strips and included a matching clutch.

Then there was that little RED dot all the artists want to see which means it is SOLD.  This is a mixed media piece using india inks, acrylic and some other raised mediums.

Just a few photos taken at the gala !

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This entry was posted on December 28, 2021 by in Art.

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