Lasering World

Laser Printing I don’t know why it’s referred to as printing when the machine cuts, engraves and scores.  Regardless, I love this machine!  I can bring my visions to life in 3D full affect!  I purchased the Glow Forge and have been eating, breathing, sleeping the machine and Inkscape software for months.  Since October of …

“Faces Of Life” Similitudes- Pt. 1

Faces are magnificent! They are magnetic, beautiful & diverse.  The expressions can exude magnetism, be alluring or hypnotic.  This collection of people was not chosen simply because of their facial features.  The “similitudes” I have created are of people whose inner spirit touches me with their love, joy of life, spunk, tenacity, guidance, friendship, support and inspiration! This is Phase One with Phase Two being exhibited in 2020.

Black Pride RVA

I was invited to be a vendor at the 2nd Annual Black Pride RVA. The event was held as a: Day of Purpose – Education & Entertainment Day of Purpose! A day of learning and fun. Vendors, food & entertainment all day! ​Educate yourself on Finances, Health, and more.  Entertainment from a variety of acts will be there …

RNM Creations

Here are photos of me as I create the new works to be displayed for sale beginning at the Richmond Night Market.  This will be the first time I have set up as a outdoors vendor.  The RNM was a magnificent cultural event! Held in Richmond, Virginia every 2nd Saturday.  

July work!

  I have created new works on 10” and 12” poplar wood with acrylics and other media to have a dimensional effect.  These will be for sale on the sale page of this blog.     

Our Princesses

A couple of years ago while we celebrated my Mothers birthday at the local Veterans Hall, I snapped a photo of three of our princesses – my two grand nieces and my granddaughter.  I decided this year to paint my version of that photo. The sketch was drawn on the canvas where it sat for …