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GiGi & Me – Ankara Hand Fans

GiGi & Me is a collaborative effort of artists Virginia R. Coleman and Natalie R. Jones-Coleman.  They are a grandmother and granddaughter team that have a multitude of artistic abilities.  Many of their projects consist of Virginia’s art/crafts and Natalie’s art/sewing. This is the second limited edition collaboration between them, the first collab was a wooden purse with Ankara fabric insert.  This new hand fan collaboration is the vision of 16 yr. old Natalie, who designed it and presented the idea to GiGi.  We choose Ankara fabrics due to their vibrant colors/designs with stained wood.  The hand fans are personalized and arrive in their own colorful bag. We will begin accepting orders on March 22, 2022 – for Mother’s Day 2022.  The orders aren’t limited to Mother’s Day, you can place your order through August of this year on these limited-edition hand fans. We hope you enjoy our handmade fan.

We enjoyed creating them.

Virginia & Natalie


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Ankara Hand Fans – Virginia R. Coleman (

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