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Nubian Light

I awoke yesterday with a idea to create wall art using one of my sketches from my Nubian series & bits/pieces of videos viewed of a couple of technique’s, that I believed when brought together would make a very unique piece and maybe a new line of mixed media art pieces by me.

I began with my sketch, uploaded to my software program to manipulate it and prepare the outline for cutting out of wood using my GF laser cutter. I then prepared the polymer vellum sheet adding inks to the translucent paper. I stacked cut pieces of wood outlines to create a box, added battery powered lights, tweaked, added other finishes, etc., etc.

It came out so very pretty! The Nubian in this simple piece is standing in front of a Africa outline. I am already thinking of the the next much more intricate piece, I hope to create soon.

I was also excited to share the techniques with a group of GF laser women, who share techniques and creations….well, guess my work is too different. I left that group.😔

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This entry was posted on February 3, 2022 by in Art.

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