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Our Princesses


A couple of years ago while we celebrated my Mothers birthday at the local Veterans Hall, I snapped a photo of three of our princesses – my two grand nieces and my granddaughter.  I decided this year to paint my version of that photo.

The sketch was drawn on the canvas where it sat for maybe 6 months or more.  My RA flaring and a bout of flu (despite having the shot) stopped me from much.  Once I felt better I was not sure which art medium direction  I wanted to use on this piece. Finally, decided to begin with water color pencils. 

Once the water coloring was completed, the result wasn’t satisfying to me, so out came the blendable water based ink pens.  Wella! I LOVED the ink atop the color pencils, it blended so very nicely.  Somewhere along the line I made the decision to change the look of the flag instead of  literal but more whimsical and added-stitching, I know the stitching idea came from my quilting friends & family.

Next the medium for the flag acrylics, I decided to go with a visual of hopes and dreams….floating & swirling for our Princesses.  I am not finished this piece.  It still needs a touch or two more but I don’t know what yet.  So until I do it will be placed prominently in my studio until that, “Wella!” Moment occurs.👩🏽‍🎨🎨😉

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This entry was posted on April 1, 2019 by in Art.

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