Clay Rescue!

The Ancient Egyptian Ankh which symbolizes “Life” is a symbol that I have worn everyday for more than 20+ years. My darling niece Sierra knowing that I love ankhs drew one for me. Initially, my thoughts were to scan the ankh into my iPad Pro and create a digital painting from the sketch. However, upon receiving a slab of clay on a square of pine wood, from a clay artist I decided to recreate the ankh in relief form in clay. I recreated it beautifully! I allowed the clay to dry for weeks in preparation of it being given to the clay artist to add to the kiln during her next firing. Then, the unimaginable happened….I BROKE IT! Don’t know how but it was broke and I was saddened. I knew there would be no way to repair it but couldn’t bring my self to add it to a bucket with water to be reduced to a slip. So, there it sat in a drawer, in my studio for a year! I would periodically pull it out the drawer where it resided to show other artists that had come to my studio. I also posted the broken Ankh in IG and other artists gave their condolences and many encouragements to try and save it. One artist YhaYha Hargrove made a suggestion that made me go in search of a save. Soooo, this week I decided to try and save it in all it’s broken glory annnnnd I did!!!!!!!!!

Drawing created by my niece Sierra
Building the ankh in clay
Loving how it’s coming along!

Nearly finished!

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