Virginia R. Coleman

Artistic Vision

2018 Paint Parties

Paint  n  Sip with a twist this eve.  I introduced the participants to creating with Pentel oil pastels. There was fun by all!

This is my digital pastel sketch for the Pastel Paint n Sip.

Photos from the eve hosted by Luise Farmer of RVA clippers.

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Cupcakes and Canvas was held on Friday night, at the Village of Faith – South,  Silhouettes  is a great type of painting for a group to paint.  Tonight was sunset, dandelions and hummingbirds.



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Wine & Sip

Held at RVA Clippers with donations for the Feed More organization

This Saturday night was a celebration of  Black history month.  In observance of the month and our all witnessing “Wakanda” I thought creating dimensional African mask mounted to a canvas would be fun creation! I think the participants agreed.  93B8474C-0488-4AE6-9E8D-55B27524445A


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This entry was posted on February 27, 2018 by in Art.

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