My Muse: artist Annie Lee



Here is  the beginning of my painting in honor of my muse Annie Lee.  I can’t help  but ponder how she would relate to my rendering of her face given Ms. Lee didn’t paint facial features on her people.  I too rarely paint features strongly due to my admiration for Ms. Lee, her work and her story which seems to reflect my own artistic journey.

                        This painting will be on exhibit in the “Her Story – A Space of her Own ” exhibit,   Saturday, January  6, 2017 at the Downing Gross Center in Newport News, Virginia.

And she is done! I have painted my Annie Lee likeness, decoupage her works to surround her and I am pleased with the final result!  Here is the journey from sketch to completed mixed media work.

Before I add the glaze the near final!

Near finished work minus the glaze.

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