Repairing a tear in my canvas

I created a painting in homage to the African American women who were the human computers as some of their stories were told in the movie, “Hidden Figures.

Below is the painting as I worked on it and the finished work.  Now to the unbelievable!  The painting was on display at the first 3 day Winter Bazaar that I have ever attended.  (Probably will be my last – 3 days too long for me).  The painting I entitled,  “To the Moon” was sold at this event! and was to be delivered the next day. Yay right?! The next day when I went up to my studio to wrap the painting there was a hole in it from moving it from the venue to my studio! Now I had to inform my client. Remarkably, the client still wanted the painting and had faith in my ability to patch it.   We agreed on a reduced price and I proceeded to patch the painting.  So, here’s to the first time I ever patched a painted canvas!

to the moon


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