Virginia R. Coleman

Artistic Vision

Capitol One

Black History Month Exhibition                             Capital One Art Program                       Exhibition celebrating                                   “Abundance,”                                                               curated by Shaunn Casselle,                                featuring artwork by Clayton Singleton,  Virginia Coleman and Cheryl Clayton


L 2 R: Curator Shaunn Casselle, Artists: Clayton Singleton, Virginia R. Coleman & Cheryl Clayron


Clayton Singleton


 Virginia R. Coleman

Cheryl Clayton


Abundance has always been present in African-American Art. The vivid colors, expression, and dynamics have been consistent from past periods and in the current milieu. Cheryl Clayton, Virginia Coleman, and Clayton Singleton are each artists who capture the stark contrasts and similarity in their visual artistic depictions. Cultural overtures, styles, impressions have loaned themselves as influences in many of the African-American aesthetics. There is an inherent pride that emanates from these artists in how they use their creative talents to portray their community. There is a profusion of love, healthy esteem, dedication, and communal devotion that is part of the overall experience. Abundance!

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This entry was posted on February 26, 2016 by in Art.

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