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Walton Gallery – 2nd Annual Pink Ribbon Show

2014 Pink Ribbon Show Artists
J.c. Gilmore-Bryan, Dana Frostick, Faithe M. Norrell, Aimee Joyaux, Virginia Bartee Coleman, Dolly Holmes, Carren Clarke-Mcadoo, Santa De Haven and Kathleen Hogan Westkaemper at Walton Gallery.
bob,me,carren clarke-Mcadoo and Julian Greene
Robert L. Coleman, Virginia Bartee Coleman (Artist), Carren Clarke-McAdoo (Artist), and Julian Greene(Artist), at Walton Gallery.
One of my first patrons, Mrs. Gloria Brown and myself.
Artist Carren Clarke-McAdoo & Virginia Coleman
Mr. Walton, Virginia Coleman, and Julian Greene
Shaunn B. Casselle , Eric Walton, Faithe M. Norrell, Carren Clarke-McAdoo – Walton Gallery
Artist: Dolly Holmes, Virginia Coleman & Aimee Joyaux
“Jazzy Ladies” 2nd Annual Pink Ladies Exhibit Walton Gallery

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